One thing that we have all learnt over recent years is that we need to plan for the unexpected. Gone are the times when we could rely on external factors having little or no effect on our business. Whether it be political upheavals, global pandemics or technical advances that totally disrupt our business models, we all now need to develop robust and flexible supply chains - ensuring that they can react quickly to competitive threats.

The IGO (Europe) team has experience of working throughout Asia, North and South America and across Europe. We understand the unique business environments in each of these regions so that we can assist our customers in developing long-lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships. We believe that if you want your business to grow, then you need business partners who will provide you with products and services that drive down your costs, improve the services that you can offer to your customers and/or allow you to develop new markets.

Traditionally, our focus has been on Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). We have helped small, medium and large companies to build winning EMS strategies - identifying and developing the ideal EMS supply base.

More recently, it has become very clear that all businesses are being affected by the rapid growth in the Internet of Things (IoT). For many companies, IoT is bringing totally new challenges and opportunities to their business. IGO (Europe) has therefore been working with a key partner to develop Full Stack IoT solutions for our customers.

The IGO team has been fortunate to have had significant success over many years and we now wish to spend a significant proportion of our time giving something back to society. Therefore, we are constantly looking for companies that are developing hardware products that are targeted at improving the Environment or have a positive impact on people's health or quality of life - and which also  require EMS or IoT solutions. Many of these companies, but not all, are small, start-up operations and so we have developed unique business models to allow them to access opportunities that may otherwise have been out of their reach. You will find an outline of what we can offer such companies on the Business Support page.